Does Paint Quality Really Matter?

     Hello fellow homeowners and DIY aficionados! Chad from Caldwell Painting here. Today, we’re diving deep into the sea of paint quality, guiding you from confusion to clarity. If you hate reading Check out the podcast above or the YouTube Video below. If you are looking for as much info as possible definitely check out all 3.

       Ever been lost amidst the endless rows of paint cans? Don’t fret. Let’s embark on this vibrant journey together, clarifying those blurred lines.


Understanding Paint Quality: A Quick Dive


  • The Dilemma: Multiple brands, countless cans, and an array of sheens—finding the right fit is daunting. We’re simplifying this for you.


Decoding Paint Tiers


  • Budget Paints (Lower End):
    • Perfect for: Rentals or quick turnover spaces.
    • Notables: Ultra Spec by Benjamin Moore, ProMar 200 by Sherwin-Williams.
    • USP (Unique selling point): Cost-effective, basic functionality.
  • Mid-Range Paints:
    • Perfect for: The majority of home projects.
    • Notables: Benjamin Moore’s Ben line, Sherwin-Williams’ Super Paint and Duration lines.
    • USP: Balance between cost and performance.
  • Premium Paints:
    • Perfect for: Specific needs, Durability and stellar finishes.
    • Notables: Benjamin Moore’s Regal Select, Aura, General Finishes Milk Paint.
    • USP: Unmatched quality, specialized finishes, longevity.
  •  Specialty Paints:
  • Perfect for: Those seeking an unparalleled finish and color depth.
  • Notables: Farrow and Ball, Renner, Fine Paints of Europe.
  • USP: Exceptional finish and vibrant, deep colors.
  • Word of Caution: Luxury often comes with challenges; these paints can be tricky to handle.
  • Advice: Research extensively before diving into these high-end options.


DIY-Grade Paint Caution: Popular store brands like Behr and Valspar may look tempting, but professional projects deserve professional-grade paint. If you’re just getting started in painting and want to keep the cost as low as possible it may be worth looking into these Lowe’s and Home depot brands. However if the “professional” painter you hired is pushing you towards using these paints I would suggest looking for a new painter. This could be a major red flag on experience. 


The Power of Curiosity


  • Question your contractor. Ask why a paint type is chosen. Their insights can make your decision more informed and your home’s walls happier.

Final Brushstrokes Paint selection isn’t just about color. It’s choosing the soul of your walls—the paint that fits your aesthetic and durability desires. With this guide, we hope you find clarity and confidence in your paint selection journey.

Need further guidance or got a burning question? Our doors (and paint cans) are always open. Here’s to vibrant transformations and joyful painting!