Our Story

Your home should be your personal oasis, a place that brings you joy every time you pull up to the gate. Likewise, you spend way too much time in the office to be surrounded by drab, dull walls all day. There’s nothing quite like a fresh coat of expertly selected and applied paint to breathe new life into your space and create the home or office you’ve always envisioned. Let the Caldwell Painting team turn your vision into a reality as we transform your space into a masterpiece you can’t wait to step into!

Based in Memphis Tennessee, Caldwell Painting is on an exciting mission to use the power of paint to transform interior and exterior commercial and residential spaces.

We’re proudly led by a husband-and-wife team who live, breathe, and dream in color, texture, and hue. Our story begins in 2012 when Bart and his father, Billy, established Caldwell Painting as a family business, choosing to hire a passion-driven team based on good character rather than experience. The decision was based on the belief that skills can be learned but character is something you simply can’t teach. This philosophy has been the foundation upon which we have built the company, and is the legacy that Bart and his wife, Fallon, committed to uphold as they took over the business after Billy’s retirement.

Born and raised in Memphis, Bart has a deep-rooted connection to the city and, with a background in welding, he is always looking for new and innovative ways to ensure that Caldwell Painting continues to meet and exceed our loyal customers’ expectations. This includes imparting his skills in woodwork onto our team of specialists, who are also trained in refinishing and staining wooden doors and cabinets to amplify our customers’ spaces even further.

While Bart continues to push boundaries in the painting industry, his wife Fallon puts her color expertise to work, seeing to it that only the most fitting shades are used to bring out the best in every space. Having studied under the renowned Maria Killam, Fallon is a trained color expert who has performed over 200 professional color consultations both virtually and in-person. With a background in the fashion industry, she moved to Memphis from her hometown in Canada when her and Bart were married, and immediately translated her keen eye for design into the world of paint, specializing in exteriors.

Today, Fallon and Bart live for Monday mornings when they get to live out their purpose by making a tangible impact on the places that mean the most to their customers.

Inspired to achieve remarkable results on every project, Fallon and Bart are dedicated to growing a highly specialized team of experts who are trained in the art of stress-free, premium quality service. Cultivating an approach of radical positivity among the team, this attitude spills over to our customers with an exceptional experience always guaranteed.

As we grow forward, we can’t wait to expand the Caldwell family and continue serving our community, remaining steadfastly committed to our belief that great work always speaks for itself. If you feel the same, we look forward to meeting you soon!