Cabinet Painting

"Caldwell Painting, thank you! My kitchen and wet bar cabinets are absolutely beautiful!!"

Sharon S.

Cabinet Painting

At Caldwell Painting, we value the importance of quality, durability, and indoor air quality when it comes to cabinet painting. That's why we use only the best-catalyzed coatings to ensure the longevity and beauty of your cabinets.

Say goodbye to old lacquers that emit harmful chemicals and choose our safe and environmentally-friendly catalyzed water-based coatings instead.

When looking for a professional cabinet painter, there are several key things to consider:

  • Avoid contractors who suggest painting your cabinets in the garage. Proper painting requires a controlled environment, as the surroundings can greatly impact the bonding of the primer and paint to the surface. This can result in chipping and a poorly bonded finish.
  • Ensure the painter uses proper cabinet paint, not just trim paint. If the painter mentions using paint from brands such as Benjamin Moore or Sherwin Williams, this may indicate a lack of experience.
  • Be cautious of painters who propose using oil-based paint on your cabinets. This is a major red flag, as oil-based paint may chip and wear quickly in a cabinet setting due to exposure to water and constant use. Oil-based paint is better suited for trim, but cabinets require a different type of paint that can withstand water and constant wear.

At Caldwell Painting, we are dedicated to providing top-notch cabinet painting services. Our experienced team uses only the best techniques and materials to ensure your cabinets are both beautiful and safe. Schedule an estimate today and start your cabinet painting project!

"My Cabinets are beautiful and the whole project was done in the expected time frame with so much care in protecting My home during the process. All my future painting will definitely be done by Caldwell."

 Bobby D.