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SHEET ROCK REPAIR: The repair and replacement of sheet rock on walls and ceilings is a staple of the painting industry. Water damage or house settling causes a need to be proficient in these skills. All our painters are trained to make these repairs.

POPCORN CEILING REMOVAL: The smoothing of ceilings is becoming extremely popular. Caldwell Painting offers this service on a square foot price. Much of the time required to do these projects is spent in the clean-up. All surfaces are covered in multiple layers of plastic and after the ceilings have been cleaned and smoothed, the plastic and popcorn is discarded. The floors are vacuumed and floors are dusted. This can be quite a mess, but the final result is worth it.

WALLPAPER REMOVAL: Wallpaper removal is difficult to estimate. Sometimes it comes off easily. Other times it comes off in nickel and dime pieces. It depends on the prep of the wall prior to installation. We use the most effective tools depending on the project. Because of the unknown, wallpaper removal is charged on a per hour basis.