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Limited 5-Year Painting Warranty

To Activate This Warranty:

Ensure full payment of the contract price.

Keep a copy of the original contract.

Bear the cost for all materials used during repairs.

Provide the Contractor and his/her team with access to the property for repair work.

Scope and Limitations:

This warranty is the sole express warranty provided by the Contractor, superseding all other express or implied warranties.

This warranty is valid only for services rendered by the Contractor to the initial purchaser named in the contract.

The Contractor’s liability does not extend to incidental, consequential damages, or damages exceeding the original contract price.

Alterations or extensions to this warranty are not valid unless documented and signed by all contract parties.

Legal Considerations:

This warranty grants you specific rights, which might vary based on local laws.

Certain jurisdictions might not recognize limitations on implied warranties or exclusions/limitations on damages, rendering the above clauses non-applicable.

Warranty Service: For claims, contact Caldwell Painting for a property inspection.

Warranty Exclusions:

Work where the Contractor did not provide the paint/materials.

Jobs not executed by the Contractor.

Stained, varnished, clear coated, or metal surfaces.

Repairs on surfaces that naturally accumulate moisture, such as decks, railings, stairs, porches, roofs, and gutters.

Differences in paint match due to environmental influences over time.

Repairs caused by paint defects, irrespective of paint supplier.

Discoloration from knots, rust, or cedar.

Cracks in drywall, plaster, or wood.

Wood rot due to leaking 

Peeling, blistering, or chipping due to:


Regular wear and tear.

Misuse or abnormal use.

Pre-existing paint layers peeling.

Structural issues.

Settling or movement.

Substrate moisture content.

Abrasions, damage, or effects of chemicals/cleaning agents, or exposure to harmful substances.

Unforeseeable events (e.g., fire, flood, acts of God, extreme weather) or vandalism, misuse, alterations, or negligence.

Warranty repairs are limited to specific affected areas, matching the surface preparation as mentioned in the contract’s preparation section.