Thank you for the excellent paint job your crew did on the exterior of my residence. These personable and friendly men were prompt, arriving early in the morning every day and stayed on the job the entire day with no period of time absent.

They were extremely careful to cover the ground and shrubs and completely taped each window. They repaired damaged wood and caulked every gap. They also removed every exterior light before painting and reinstalled them when the job was complete. They cleaned the entire property each day before departing and hauled away all trash they generated.

Summing up, this was an excellent paint job because your crew was determined that every facet of their performance be outstanding. I recommend them without reservation, confident that this crew can meet any challenge they encounter on any paint job with their professional skills.

R. Schaming, Germantown


I just had to email you to let you know how satisfied my wife and I are with the painting and of our home. I am the first to let someone know when something is not satisfactory, so I want to be the first to let you know that we were very satisfied. The things I look for today and unfortunately rarely receive are:

-Respecting my time by always being on time
-A competitive price
-Quality work
-Personal inspection upon completion and redoing something before I had to notice and ask
-On time completion
-Answering my phone calls in a timely manner

You, your son Bart and your entire crew treated us like we were the only job you had at that time. I asked for you to paint it like it was your home and you did. The work was great, it looks beautiful.

Without a doubt, the best paint job we have ever had and we have owned homes for 34 years.

We give your company an A+ on all the 6 points listed above. I have been asked if I would ever use your company again. Not only will I use your company again, I have and will continue to refer you to anyonethat needs their home or business painted.

You have my permission to use my name as a “satisfied customer”.
Thank you for a very quality experience,

Charles Giordano

Bill and Bart Caldwell did a fantastic job of coordinating their paint crew on working inside our house. Their painters were very professional, timely and efficient in getting the work done. Overall, they did a great job. I would highly recommend them to others.

B. Evans Collierville, TN

We couldn’t be happier with our experience with Caldwell Painting. Jack, Danny, and Skip are very professional, very courteous, and very good at what they do. Bill & Bart both went out of their way to make sure the job was done right and that we were happy. I highly recommend Caldwell Painting and will use them again.

Steve H. Cordova

If you are looking for a great paint company, you need to consider Caldwell Painting. They recently painted several areas of our home. They did an awesome job. Ours house looked better than it did on the day we purchased our new home. The crew were very attentive to our requests and wanted nothing but total satisfaction. If you want a professional custom paint job for your home contact this company.

Bill and his son Bart want nothing but the best for their customers. I know that you will be totally pleased with this company. Thanks again guys for making our home new after eight years of wear and tear.

The Jackson’s, Lakeland

I recently had my house painted by Caldwell Painting and am very pleased with the results. The crew was very thorough and professional. I give them my highest recommendation.

Tom Benson, Germantown

We recently had our home painted by Caldwell Painting. They did a fantastic job. We feel they went above and beyond to make our home look its absolute best. We would highly recommend them to anyone.

David and Marty Hogue, Germantown