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2 kids? Read this before you paint!

We all know what it’s like to live with cheap flat paint on our walls. Don’t know what I’m talking about? If you have ever lived in an apartment then you have lived with cheap flat paint on your walls. You know, the stuff that gets all marked up just from looking at it the wrong way! But is all flat paint the same? When we have kids are we forever destined for the cold and sterile look of the scrubbable shiny paint? Well, those days have come and gone, sorta.

   Ok, I must confess I know paint sheens are subjective, but I love the warm look of the high-quality flat paint on the wall. I think it makes for a very cozy space in my home. However, when I tell my clients that have kids this I can see them cringe with fear of the never-ending scuff mark. They think of spaghetti-o’s

going flying at a moment’s notice that will most definitely stain their walls forever. So they feel that their only option is to go with a satin or eggshell finish so they can have some clean-ability.

Ok Truth time…

          When was the last time you really scrubbed on your walls? I personally don’t think I ever have. But for some reason, I adopted the rule that I must get paint that is scrubbable even though I don’t like the way it looks and will never ever scrub it!

     Did you know that you can get a little throwaway touch up roller from the paint store and touch up flat paint? It will look like nothing ever happened and It literally takes seconds. Or you can scrub on a super scrubbable satin finish for an hour before you decide it looks as good as it’s going to look and finally give up. Then if you have to touch up an eggshell finish it leaves a glowing shiny spot where you just painted as opposed to flat paint that when touched up, blends right in. 

    But touch-up ability aside, fortunately for parents everywhere there are now washable flats on the market today. You can now get the finish and warmth you really want and let your kids do their thing. 

    Let our parents keep the eggshell and satin we are going warm and flat. It’s a great time to be alive! 

   Ok, there are a couple of things I need to clear up before you head to the paint store and go nuts. I still recommend putting an eggshell in bathrooms with showers. The moisture will eventually burnish flat paint. Also, the flat paints that I recommend for washability, well… Let’s just say they aren’t the cheapest paints you will find at your local paint store. 

   A couple of paints to consider for a washable flat is  Benjamin Moore Regal Select  this is a personal favorite of mine. I love not only the durability of it but also its workability while applying it to a wall. The next on my list from Ben Moore is their Aura line. Paint doesn’t get much finer than this but can be pushing the budget for most.  

   From Sherwin Williams, I would recommend their Sherwin Williams Emerald . A very durable easy to work with paint but again maybe a touch on the expensive side for some. However, they do also carry a line called Duration that may be the hardest wearing flat of all of them, but it can be harder to work with application-wise in my opinion.

   So in conclusion, if you have kids or dogs or your husband’s drunk friends, paint your house however you want. Just make sure you are using the right product for your needs.


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